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Corporate Green Gifting

Gift a plant & contribute to better environment

Gifting lifeless stuff could be easy to avail, while gifting a gift which is alive, breathes, more importantly helps to clean air, is something special, it reflects higher level of consciousness towards people. We offer exclusive collection of quality corporate green gifting plants with capability to handle bulk orders of any quantity. We take minimum order of worth 50,000 rupees.

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Plants reduce stress level.
-NUT, Sydney
Plants increase productivity.
-Dr Chris Knight, EU, UK
Plants increase creativity.
-Exeter University Research
Nature rejuvenate body and mind.
-E.O. Wilson, Harvard biologist

Living area is 10 times more polluted than house backyard.
-IAQ can be improved over 95%.

Plants placed at living areas help increase concentration level and reduce stress, several recent studies show a boost in productivity and multi-tasking when plants are placed around us.-Scientific Studies

You want contributing to Mother Earth.

We want to help.

We have helped 4000+ corporate customers in gifting exotic, hygienic and scientifically productive plants.

Air purifying plant gifting starts from Rs. 50 per plant for soil-less tissue culture plants.

Air purifier plants help to reduce pollution level, you may try to understand a bit about indoor air pollutants!

How we have been doing?

We are one of the premiere green gifting solution provider, with sound technical and commercial background who offers high quality scientific corporate gift plants.


Happy Customers

We are favorites because of our strength to understand customer needs & presenting time bound solutions.


Plants Delivered

We have delivered more than 5 lack live air purifying gift plants for our corporate customers.

We deliver awesome experience !

We offer scientific, high quality & exotic gift plants.

How does it work?

Its 2 weeks process, first week goes in meeting, selection of plants and quotation, while second week is the time when we prepare and execute.

Do you wish to buy samples ?

Easy to order online or getting from our store!



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is green gifting?

Green gifting is a gift of live potted plant in small container.

2. What type of plants can be given as gift?

There are several types of plants which can be given as gift like snake plant, peace lily, pachira aquatica etc.

3. What type of pots can be used for gift plants?

Ceramic, clay, plastic, glass, wood or coir pots can be used for gift plants.

4. Can I get customized gifts with company logo?

Yes, gift plants can be customized with company logo, card, message and packaging box.

5. What is approximate cost of corporate gift plants in Delhi NCR?

Cost of corporate gift plants depends on type of pot, type of plant, level of customization and quantity.

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