We design incredible balcony gardens

We design, implement and maintain amazingly beautiful & trendy balcony gardens!


Not having a backyard certainly can not stop from having plants and garden of choice, we design and implement exceptional balcony gardens to turn balconies into amazing sceneries with beautiful flowers, plants and artifacts. We plan effective utilization of space by applying latest technologies to make the best use of space and transform balconies in to one of the most beautiful living space to cherish with the nature, we do it as per customers convenience, no hassle, no mesh up, we deliver quality on time.

If you wish to get your balcony transformed into a place to relish, give us an opportunity. Let’s not the space constrains limit your dreams of having beautiful garden, we know you want to get it done nicely. We have wide experience and expertise to carve balcony gardens in an organized way, we know it better and we do it better!

We undertake turn key projects for a minimum budget of Rs. 1,00,000.

After the booking, our consultants visit the site within 1 to 3 days.

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Internet of Things

Watering at finger tips

Automation – most of us are concerned about watering the plants, its a tough task and becomes difficult to plan long vacations because of it. It is one of the initial challenges we cracked by IOT, Internet of things has brought several innovations for our day to day life, we install internet controlled irrigation systems to automate the garden watering.

Flexibility – we have a number of things which can be utilized in to balcony gardens to shape your imagination, we can arrange and execute most of the things you wish to have at your garden.

Maintenance – we provide easy maintenance option for balcony gardens at just Rs 999 per month, our mali visits the garden on weekly basis, does the cleaning, fertilization, pest control at no additional cost.

Five Reasons to have Balcony Garden

Balcony Gardens improve the air quality around the home, offering a greener environment to live.
Balcony Gardens can yield regular fresh supply of herbs, fruits and vegetables.
Balcony Gardens are great for hosting some beautiful and splendid flowering plants.
Balcony Gardens are great if you do not have a yard, as you can utilize balcony as beautiful garden.
Balcony Garden can be a great place to relax and read a book while having some tea as you like.

How Does it Work?

In normal circumstances its four weeks process, first week goes in measurements, selection and quotation, while remaining weeks is the time when we prepare and deliver.

Why to choose us?

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