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If you are looking for easy ways to breathe fresh oxygen, grow plants, practice gardening, give aesthetic look to the area or live in an exotic environment, vertical gardening is the way for you, our vertical gardens include a number of complimentary components to make it hygienic, eco-friendly and long lasting.

Superb Quality

Drip Irrigation

Tissue Culture PLants

Free Maintenance

Vertical garden plans start from a minimum budget of Rs. 45,000.

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PP Vertical Garden

Most scalable method for developing vertical gardens.

Green Screen Garden

Most convenient method for developing vertical gardens.

Fabric Felt Vertical Garden

100% Eco friendly method for developing vertical gardens.

Rack Stack Garden

A traditional method for developing vertical gardens.

Scandinavian Moss Wall

Artistic method for developing vertical gardens.

Wooden Wall Garden

Natural method for developing vertical gardens.

Why to choose us?

How Does it Work?

In normal circumstances its four weeks process, first week goes in measurements, selections and quotation, remaining three weeks we take for processing and execution.

Vertical Garden

We are known to be specialists for vertical gardening, we follow scientific and eco-friendly approach whereas it is feasible with least compromises. We understand vertical gardening better and help the customer to understand different aspects of it and decide how to give it a go.

We provide complete solution for it, we supply modern structures for vertical garden to give it an incredible look, we help in the installation of drip irrigation system. We create lush green gardens for indoor or outdoor which adds an aesthetic exotic appeal to the house and purify the air.

We possess expertise to give a lively perspective to your home or office, we are known to give the customers unique experience. If you wish to get amazing vertical garden crafted, engage us.

At present we offer complete vertical gardening solution to the customers in Delhi NCR.

Benefits of Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening has become a trend as it offers additional space to the dwellers and helps to manage it effectively. Nowadays, when there are space constraints vertical gardening can prove to be a blessing, there are many reasons why vertical gardening has gained immense popularity, some of its benefits are below:

It adds to the beauty of landscape.
It makes perfect utilization of the space.
It helps neutralize the pollution level in its zone.
It promotes soil scientific gardening.
It requires lesser maintenance compared to horizontal gardening.
There are lesser chances of pest infestation and diseases in the plants.
It helps to plant more number of plants in comparatively lesser space.
It helps to practice easier harvesting, as it is at an eye level.


Quotations Released

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the vertical gardening sector because of the quality & approach.


Gardens Executed

We are favorites because of our strength to understand customer’s needs & presenting time bound customized solutions.


Vertical Plants Installed

We have installed more than 256,000+ live plants in 238 + vertical walls at customer premises and maintaining them with quality.


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