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Vertical Garden Green wall

If you are searching for easy way to breathe fresh oxygen, grow plants, give aesthetic look to the property or live in an exotic environment, vertical gardening is the way for you, we create green walls that work for several years with minimum human interference.

Tissue Culture Plants

Automated Irrigation

Free Maintenance

Excellence Assured

Vertical gardens start from a minimum budget of Rs. 99,000 or 100 sqft area.

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PP Vertical Garden

Most scalable method for developing vertical gardens.

(Rs 650/square-feet onward)

Green Screen Garden

Most convenient method for developing vertical gardens.

(Rs 350/square-feet onward)

Fabric Felt Vertical Garden

100% Eco friendly method for developing vertical gardens.

(Rs 850/square-feet onward)

Rack Stack Garden

A traditional method for developing vertical gardens.

(Rs 450/square-feet onward)

Scandinavian Moss Wall

Artistic method for developing vertical gardens.

(Rs 4200/square-feet onward)

Wooden Wall Garden

Natural method for developing vertical gardens.

(Rs 2250/square-feet onward)

What we have been doing?

Vertical gardening has become a trend as it offers additional space to the dwellers and helps to manage it effectively. Nowadays, when there are space constraints vertical gardening is proving to be a blessing, lets have a look to stats for what we have been doing in past couple of years:


Quotations Released

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the vertical gardening sector because of the quality & approach.


Gardens Executed

We are favorites because of our strength to understand customer needs & presenting time bound solutions.


Vertical Plants Installed

We have installed more than 450,000+ live plants at 249 + green walls maintaining them with quality.

Garden That Works!

With comprehensive expertise and experience we design and create vertical walls that last for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is vertical garden?

Vertical garden is a term used for upright or bottom to top plantation.

2. What is difference between vertical garden and green wall?

There is no difference between vertical garden and green wall, if we get specific to words, vertical garden is a garden created bottom to top, while green wall is a garden vertically created over a wall.

3. What are the types of vertical garden?

Based on placement location, there are two types of vertical garden - indoor vertical garden and outdoor vertical garden.

4. What is biofelt or bio wall?

It is a term used for a vertical garden developed using Geo-fabric pockets as plants container.

5. How long bio wall and vertical garden can last?

Life of bio-wall based on fabric is 3-5 years, while PP walls last 8-10 years.

6. What is the best way to get vertical garden developed?

There are several DIY methods to create small vertical gardens, for scalable solution it is recommended to hire professionals.

7. What is approximate cost of vertical garden in India?

Cost of vertical garden depends on several factors, it ranges between Rs. 350-1250 /sq-ft.

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