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Shop Best Gift Plants Online

Gifting a flower or other lifeless stuff could be easy to avail, while gifting a gift which is alive, breathes, smiles, grows, more importantly helps to clean pollutants and brings positivity, is something special, it reflects higher level of consciousness towards the people and environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose to gift plants?

Plants gifting represents maturity, insight and sincerity as plants contribute to well being of whole eco system.

2. What are the best gift plants?

Low maintenance, lucky bringer, air purifying plants like spathiphyllum, sansevieria, dracaena, philodendron are the best gift plants.

3. Does gift plants cause dirt and pests?

No, gift plants do not cause dirt and pests, its recommended to get soil free and tissue culture plants.

4. What type of pots should I prefer for gift plants?

You should prefer ceramic pots over plastic or other materials, if budget does not allow, recommended to get BOP free plastic pots.

5. How much time gift plants need for their maintenance?

Ideally, you would need to spend 2-5 mins a week to water, wipe and remove damaged leaves.

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