Air Purifier Office Plants Rental Gurgaon Delhi Noida

Office Plants Rental

Premium Quality Office Plants Rental

We offer office plants rental at gurgaon, delhi, noida with flexible packages and friendly staff at your service, we can handle green decor by high quality air purifier office plants at short notice. Get your favorite plants on rent to enjoy presence of nature without hassle, we have short and long term plans as per requirements which start from a minimum monthly rental of Rs 10,000.

Indoor air is 10 times more polluted than air outdoors!

IAQ can be improved at great extent by air purifier plants, there are several hundred studies conducted since 1981 & most of them have offered identical results. Green plants are wondrous in improving air quality, and their efficiency can be multiplied by scientific approach.

Measurable Results!

Pre & post IAQ measurement result comparisons have shown over 35% reduction in VOCs such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Carbon-monoxide, Xylene, Trichloroethylene etc and significant improvements in PM 1/2.5/10 levels just within 24 hrs of plants deployment.

Decoration Combined!

We offer high quality exotic tissue culture air purifier plants, premium grade planters, scientific potting mixture & the best maintenance service. Its about professional approach to meet quality corporate requirements otherwise raw plants available every here & there.

Scientists recommend to have at least one air purifier live plant at every 100 square-feet space.

Lets understand a bit about indoor air pollutants and organic solution to neutralize them!

Office plants reduce stress level.
-New University of Technology Sydney
Office plants increase productivity.
-UK based Researcher Dr Chris Knight
Office plants increase creativity.
-Exeter University Research
Nature rejuvenate body and mind.
-Harvard biologist, E.O. Wilson

Plants placed at desk or nearby help to increase concentration level and reduce stress, several recent studies show a boost in productivity and multi-tasking when plants are placed around work areas. -Scientific Studies

You want to create a better workplace.

We want to help.

We have helped 200+ corporate customers in creating exotic, hygienic and scientifically productive work environment.

How we have been doing?

We are one of the premiere plants rental solution provider, with sound technical and commercial background who offers high quality scientific plants on rent.

How does it work?

Its 2 weeks process, first week goes in meeting, selection of plants and quotation, while second week is the time when we prepare and execute.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is office plants rental?

Office plants rental is way of getting office plants for a time period on rent.

2. What type of plants can be hired on rent?

There are several types of indoor and outdoor plants that can be hired on rent.

3. How can rented plants be maintained?

Rented plants can be maintained as regular indoor or outdoor plants.

4. How do I select plants and pots for my Office?

Plants can be selected based on light while pots on the basis of free space.

5. What is approximate cost of plants rental in Delhi NCR?

Cost of plants rental depends on type of plant, type of pot, rent duration and quantity.

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