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Shop ornamental plants online at reasonable pricing and get the plants delivered door step, we have collection of healthiest and hardened plants which do better indoors and thrive for several years. A house built with marble and stones feel barren until we add some exotic plants to its architecture, a home decor can hardly be complete without the greens. Apart from aesthetic and architecture sense, having indoor plants has become one of the essential commodities, because plants enhance well-being and overall health. Presence of ornamental plants have a soothing influence producing a friendly breathing environment conducive to positivity, creativity and high level of consciousness. High carbon dioxide levels in indoor living space or at work space can cause drowsiness, headaches, and affect overall productivity. Many houseplants are identified doing more than just converting CO2 to O2, they absorbs harmful gases like Benzine, Ammonia and remove dust, molds and bacteria’s from the environment. Presence of green adds a ton to the mind, mood and soul, as per recent research, plants help to concentrate and boost our creativity.

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