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As the name, a roof garden is a splendid garden that is planted on the idle space at the rooftop, it turns the otherwise boring and unattractive space into an aromatic garden full of plants and flowers. Depending upon personal preferences, the roof garden can offer a lot ranging from flowering plants to healthy fruits and vegetables of choice. Roof tops are usually quite spacious and have direct exposure to the sun, with the least human or animal interference in its way. Apart from planting fruit and vegetable bearing plants at your roof garden, you can try some flowering plants and turn the roof top into a picturesque beauty. Being a few levels above from the ground level air pollution, roof gardens are great for hosting several types of plants.

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why should i ?

Roof gardens are very important for a multitude of reasons. Their benefits cannot be ignored as they are highly beneficial for the owner. Apart from adding some greenery to the rooftop, it helps by several other ways:

Roof Gardens provide a regular supply of vegetables and fruits, through which you can replace your weekly visit to the grocery store for purchasing the otherwise altered veggies.

They are an ideal way to expose your body to green and healthy environment full of fresh air, which benefits well being.

It takes the place of the otherwise empty and useless space on your rooftop and turns it into a beautiful landscape where you can relax anytime you want.

With more and more roof gardens we can help to make the earth a greener place and reduce the impact of global warming.

Roof Garden

DIY suggestions

We provide everything you will need to begin and take care of your roof garden. Tell us about the type of plants you intend to grow, we will help you out with the entire process. To get the best services for roof garden, hire us and experience our impeccable services. It will make taking care of your roof garden a lot easier. However, there are several precautions to be taken care to ensure good health of the plants.

Make sure the sustainable weight load of your roof is compliant with the type and number of plants you are planning to plant on your Roof Garden.

Containers for the roof garden must be light in weight and have adequate drain holes at the bottom. Having containers that sit flat on the roof floor is always a great option.

Make sure you have a proper watering system in place before you go ahead with plantations.

Do not forget to check the drainage system of your roof, as nothing damages the plant roots like clogged water and poor draining of the soil.

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How we do it?

We have amazing landscape concepts to turn your dream of beautiful rooftop into a reality. We know that everyone wishes to have a place to sit, relax and reflect. We are completely sure that people will fall in love with our modern as well as contemporary designs and superb quality of work. We not only offer great roof gardens, but also help you design your own. We offer great guidelines to the customers to create garden scenes that they can enjoy with their loved ones for years to come. You will be amazed to look at the garden we create and the WOW factor it has.

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We are counted as the best service providers and a prominent name in the field of roof gardening, with the efficient tools and quality services, we help to replicate an ecological garden on the top of your roof. With the best team of gardeners  you can get the complete beautification and designing work of your garden. The best part is that we also offer maintenance services to the clients so that they get what they desire. So, just book the meeting today and get superior gardening services at your doorstep!

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