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We offer one stop solution to most of the landscape requirements, with wide experience and exposure we serve customers based at several cities of India such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida etc. We take pride in offering premium quality services and complete projects on-time, on-budget with full dedication. There are several types of landscape services can be availed from us, some of those are listed below:

Plant Rentals – with flexible packages and friendly staff at your service, we can handle occasional green decoration with high quality ornamental plants,  we are known for giving an unique look to your premises with modern arrangements and gorgeous plants and flower rentals. Adding some plants to your surroundings does no only purify the air of living space but also offers positive atmosphere and adds charm to the place.

Green Gifting is relatively a new idea in India which is immensely getting popular, gifting a flower or lifeless other stuff could be easy to avail and handover, but gifting a gift which is alive, breathes, smiles and more importantly helps to clean the air and brings passivity, is something special, it reflects higher level of consciousness towards the employees as well as environment.

Plantscaping is the ornamentation of the interiors of office, house, flats, or any other building that you are willing to decorate. Plantscaping is the ideal way to decorate the indoor of the building with exotic plants. It is one of the best things you can do with the idle indoor space. We at are engaged in providing optimum quality plants to our highly valued customers.

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We are being daily sought by our customers for these services and we process 8-10 quotations in a day!

Vertical Gardening is the hottest trends nowadays and we proudly present ourselves a prominent player in the field. We are well aware of the latest trends in vertical gardening and our staffs possess the skills to make your vertical garden a huge success. We are known to be specialists for vertical gardening, we follow scientific and eco-friendly approach whereas it is feasible with least compromises.

Balcony Gardening – Our experts guide the customers on a wide array of areas, whether you are not sure about plants which you want to grow or potting medium or the drip irrigation system requirements, we can help. Balcony gardening is a trend which is quite in and with at your service you can easily give your balcony an incredible makeover. We are the expert for balcony garden design, execution and maintenance.

Kitchen Gardening is an excellent trend to which a lot of people have started catching up. The idea is simply exciting and promises a healthy and nutritious diet for you as well as your family. The experts at are known to use best techniques and practices to help you get higher yield from your kitchen garden. We can help you to start kitchen gardening at ease and maintaining it.


We do take turn key as well as partial landscaping projects, weather its to create a beautiful garden for a villa, hotel, commercial space or largest infrastructure projects we do equally well, process orientation and supreme quality have been our strength!

Residential – landscaping is a set of activities to utilize free space of any shape and give it pleasant look, make it exotic, attractive and appealing, it includes modifying the water bodies, installing matured plants, trees, growing plants, flowers, herbs etc to create a rejuvenating environment. When you wish to appeal the visitors by property appearance, we are here to give a chance.

Commercial – we are one of the premier commercial landscaping contractor who provides Corporate Landscaping Services to the clients. We have rich experience and expertise to cater any type of landscaping project requirements with quality. Mashrita Nature Cloud is a renown and process oriented company who believes in high work ethics and moral conduct above all.

Infrastructure Development – we take trunk key landscaping projects of developing parks, residential colonies, government enterprises like large commercial spaces, green belts, corporate parks, special economic zones etc. We have rich experience and expertise to cater any type of landscaping project requirements with quality, we are process oriented company eager to set new horizons.


Wait a second and move the roller downwards little more, there is a bit more we can do for you!

Garden Maintenance – in addition to handling various pre-installation services, we provide maintenance services for garden or landscapes, we have best staff that can cater all the garden maintenance needs. Our staffs have apt training and experience to solve all issues & offer in time regular as well as seasonal maintenance. The best part is that the client can choose a package which suits his budget the best.

Rent a Mali – with comprehensive experience and expertise we offer Mali rental services with flexible options to meet most type of customers requirements where we have traditional trained Malis as well as certified plant doctors, they can be hired on hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Mali rental services are not limited to a small balcony garden or to hundreds acres farm or a commercial space.

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