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Buy Coir Pots & Planters (Coco Planters) online from a huge collection of export grade quality pots and planters at best price and get them delivered at door step. Petroleum based plastic pots are convenient, durable and easy to ship but they usually wind up in the trash, try environmental friendly pots, plant in stylish biodegradable containers, they improve soil conditions as well as protect the environment. Coir Pots & Planters are made from fibrous body in the middle of husk and the coconut, these are 100 % eco friendly, bio-degradable and transform into organic matter on decomposing. Lately, coir pots are getting popular for a number of reasons like, these help easy organic gardening, these are light weight, biodegradable, offer better air circulation, conducive to healthy root system development, provide micro nutrient to plants, balance moisture content and improve soil condition when decomposed.

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