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Buy orchid flower plants online from distinct collections of hand picked plants at affordable price and get them delivered at door step. Orchids are an ever-popular indoor potted plant and adapt to different types of environments which is one of the reasons they are popular and so easy to maintain. Except for areas with extreme hot or cold weather, Orchids practically grow everywhere in the world. Though there are hundreds of varieties of Orchids, overwhelming majority are one of two varieties – Phalaenops is also known as moth orchids, these orchid plants have round flowers usually white, purple or pink, or some combination with a pronounced lip that grow on a single tall stalk arising from a whorl of fleshy, oval leaves. Dendrobium, also called cane orchids, they have smaller flowers of typically white or purple color that grow in rows on stalks that arise from thick canes. Dendrobium leaves are narrow and emerge from the sides of the cane.

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