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Buy christmas tree plants online at best price and get them delivered at door step, christmas tree has been a part of a celebration of the major festival known as Christmas, it is a kind of decoration tree usually an evergreen conifer such as fir, pine or spruce or if they are not available you can also go for any artificial tree of similar appearance is taken to decorate for the occasion. The Christmas tree was first introduced in 1957 by the North America Lutherans and has been followed by almost all the Christians communities in the Christmas celebrations on the eve of 25th December. The most common species of Christmas tree that is grown is Fir from Abies family. The best part of the plant is that they do not shed their needles when they are dried out in the season and also have foliage of good scent and colour with them. The Fir is a commonly used species there are others as well in the similar domain like eastern juniper, Leyland cypress, Monterey cypress and giant Sequoia.

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