Moss Wall

Artistic method for developing vertical gardens.

Moss grows in Scandinavia, in a nature reserve of over 3200 square km where it is harvested under state supervision. It is maintenance free, moss used on the green walls, panels and other creations, is approximately 30 to 50 mm thick and has average age of 5 years. Moss wall is beautiful, easy-care and natural eye-catcher enhancement, it does not need light and barely occupies space.

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Moss Wall is versatile

Moss is available in several colors and textures to suit a wide array of interior decoration requirements.

Key Points

Moss Wall

Moss wall is elegant, artistic and scalable.

Moss is 100% eco friendly and resists excess moisture.

Moss wall is easy to install, upgrade and maintain.

Moss wall is maintenance free with average life span of 5 years.

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