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Its simple though beautiful!

We offer exclusive collection of best kokedama plants, we make them with insight to ensure better durability, we choose tissue culture plants, soil-less potting medium and activated moss to add resistance during harsh weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is kokedama?

Kokedama is a Japanese art of keeping bonsai plant without container, protecting plant roots by akadama (soil) wrapped with keto (peat) at outer layer to form a shape of ball. With enhancements now its common to use coco-peat based potting medium to replace soil and moss is used in place of peat, Kokedama is also known as moss ball or string garden.

2. Does kokedama cause dirt and pests?

No, kokedama does not cause dirt and pests, its recommended to get soil free kokedama with tissue culture plants, this combination requires less maintenance and offers better durability.

3. How to care kokedama?

Caring kokedama is easier than care of regular indoor plants as coco-peat and moss are known for their moisture resistance, better aireration and light weight, kokedama doesn’t need frequent wtaering, cleaning once in a week is sufficient to maintain good health.

4. How to water kokedama?

There are two methods to water kokedama, soaking and misting, depends on plant type either or combination can be used, its recommend to soak the ball in to the water for 5-10 mins, take it out and squeeze without damaging roots to drain access water, place it outdoor in shade for few hours before bringing inside again, you should do it every couple of weeks in summer and once in a month during winters.

5. When to fertilize kokedama?

Fertilization depends on type of plant, in general indoor plants doesn’t need to be fertilized frequently, offering water soluble fertilizer every spring is sufficient to keep the plant happy.

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