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Buy Red Wax Palm plants online at affordable pricing and get these delivered door step, we have exclusive collection of Red Wax Palms which do good in indoors weather conditions and last for several years. Red Wax Palm (Cyrtostchys Renda) is also known by several other names like red palm, rajah palm, wax palm, red sealing wax palm and lipstick palm, red palm is native to South Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Distinct looking red palm is species of Arecaceae plants family. Red Wax Palm is an elegant and versatile palm tree that adds colors to the landscape, it has a scarlet to bright red colored crown shaft and leaf sheath, which make it look unique and beautiful. Lipstick palm is one of the must have palm plants because of its stunning tropical appearance. It is slow grower palm and loves to grow in dense groups. Like many other palms it can be kept in bright light indoors or in full sun outdoors. It grows well in containers and prefers indirect bright light but its leaves will not get burned in direct sun light too. As it originates from the swamps and rain-forests in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia, it likes to be in consistently moist potting medium (Soil or Coco peat).

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