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Buy from exclusive range of bonsai tray planters online from one of the distinctive collections of quality ceramic and terracotta bonsai planters at best price and get them delivered door step. We deliver what we show without compromising to the quality and offer handpicked bonsai trays considering the importance of bonsai tree plants, good quality planters not only increase the elegance of potted bonsai plants but train to the root system and provide the comfort they need to thrive for years. Bonsai word consists two Japanese words bon and jai which together mean “tree in a pot”, a bonsai cant get the elegance it deserves without potting it in to an appropriate type of planter. Finding a right type of planter is one of the first and most important steps in setting up the bonsai tree plant, inappropriate planter not only can spoil the grace and elegance a bonsai tree produces but to damage the root system and overall health of the plant. For potting a bonsai tree its recommend to use clay planters which do not heat instantly and retain the moisture for longer period of time. The word ceramic originated from the Greek word keramikos which means “for pottery”, ceramics are made by mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders, water and shaping them into desired forms.

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