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Bougainvillea Double Red:
It is a distinctive evergreen flowering plant.
It is one of the best perennial flowering plant.
It is the fastest growing thorny shrub plant.
It is most beautiful of all flowering plants in full bloom.

Bougainvillea Double Red is a plant genus that are characterised by their spring leaves that resemble flowers near its actual bright-coloured flowers, along with bushes and thorny vines. The plant is characterised by its thorny vines, which adds a lot of visual appeal to the plant, making it ideal for use by gardeners for ornamental incentives. The plants are native of the region from southern Argentina to Brazil, to Brazil and Peru. The pink coloured flowers are specifically popular. Below is the brief information about the presented plant:

Plant : Bougainvillea Double Red
Height : 8 to 24 inch
Potting Medium : Soil mix
Pot Type : 8 inch plastic pot

Bougainvillea Double Red Introduction

The Bougainvillea Double Red plant can fit in to almost any wall and garden. Its appealing thorny vine grows quite rapidly, much to the owner’s delight. The plant growth can easily be trained, allowing one to make it a climber or a thorny barrier – according to the owner’s choice. The bright coloured bracts growing beautifully on the body of the plant are leaves that are specialized to contain the flowers of the plant. The climbers are ideally suited for big pots and containers to be placed in gardens during the summer season.

The Bougainvillea Double Red has as many as 18 species. The variations of the plant also have different bright-coloured flowers. The ideal location for the plant is in direct sunlight, with a fertile and well-draining soil to provide it the nutrients with a high phosphorus and micronutrients content. The plant must not be allowed to completely dry-out between watering. Although the plant genus is generally pest free, snails, worms and aphids might attack on the plant. Being on the lookout for these can prevent any major damage.

Bougainvillea Double Red Care

Water it thoroughly once in a week.
Use good drainage potting mix and keep it moist.
Avoid over-watering as this may tend to turn leaves yellow.
This is a sun loving plant keep it in full sun light.
Fertilize it with a low nitrogen NPK every month for better flowering.
To force Bougainvillea Double Red into bloom, withhold water and let the plant completely dry.


  • Every plant has different type of light, feed and water requirements.
  • Most of the plants like moderate watering, let the couple of inch at surface dry before watering again.
  • Some plants require frequent feeding but most, once in a year, feed the plant at beginning of spring.
  • Repot the plant every couple of years in slightly bigger container.


  • Avoid frequent watering in winters, it will kill the plant.
  • Avoid temperature shocks like taking it suddenly indoors or outdoors.
  • Avoid partial watering and use water sprayers to water equally in all directions.
  • Avoid repotting plants in large containers, most of the plants likes to be in groups.
  • Avoid over fertilizing, quantity depends on NPK ingredients but plants do need not more than a spoon.


Plants are living creatures require a little sensitivity towards them, following common instructions are helpful for keeping them happy:
  • Dig around the root zone with your fingers to a depth of 2-3' for small plants and water generously when the soil feels dry to the touch.
  • Use a balanced fertilizer i.e., 10-10-10, 14-14-14 (Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K)) food with micro-nutrients.
  • Be observant of the changes in plant vigor and growth, plants are more susceptible to disease and pests if they are weakened through poor maintenance.
  • It is good to make it a practice to inspect plants progress so you can spot systems of disease or insect infestations well in advance of any serious problem.
  • Pruning is required at times for plant health and aesthetics, as a general note remove the damaged leaves and branches as soon as those are noticed to avoid infections.


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