Gift a Plant, Gift a Life
01 Jan

What type of gift should we choose?

Deciding what to gift can be a tough task, sometimes it becomes very difficult to determine what to gift for an occasion, with several options in market, it is not easy to pick one and above all we need to understand taste of receiver.

There are few things you must keep in mind before deciding a gift like occasion, receiver likings and your budget. We cannot suggest you a gift that is perfect but we can surely advice a unique gift option here, just imagine how it would be if you give a living gift to someone? Probably it is the best gift which you can offer to someone with whom he or she can cherish for rest of their lives.

Gifting has become an add-on to the celebrations as that makes the occasion more exciting. People always try to gift things that are not only unique but liked by the receiver, plants are liked by most of the people as we find these marvelous creatures everywhere, if you are stuck in taking a decision, go with the trend of universal likeness and gift a plant.

Why should you gift a plant?

There are serveral reasons for why you should gift a plants, lets have a look to some of those:

1. Gifting plants adds a personal touch to your gift.

2. Plants help to enhance look of the house or office.

3. Plant may appear simple, but these are a unique gift.

4. Gifting a plant can make the receiver feel your presence for longer time.

What are the benefits associated with gifting a plants?

Gifting a plants has various benefits associated with it, there are several environmental and health benefits can be counted for it such as:

1. Plants brighten up overall ambience of living space.

2. Plants add freshness, youth and positivity to the atmosphere.

3. Indoor plants act as natural air purifiers and produce fresh oxygen.

4. Plants offer mental peace and help to create productive environment.

What are the varieties available of gift plants?

1. Bonsai plants – Bonsai plants are a wonderful gifting option, bonsai is a Japanese tradition which is more than 1000 years old, gifting a bonsai plant is a unique choice. You can choose from Ficus microcarpa, Carmona, Elm or Pachira aquatica portable bonsai plants these are easy to care and work in indoor environment.

2. Lucky plants – Some plants are known as luck bringers in Scriptures and Feng Shui, keeping them at living space helps to bring happiness and prosperity in life. As per Feng Shui plants with round or smooth-edged leaves or canopy and leaves that are clustered with higher number of leaves are considered the best.

3. Air purifying plants – Several plants help to clean a number of air borne pollutants and harmful gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, xylene, toluene etc. You may go for expert air purifying plants like peace lily, snake plants and draceanas, these are easy to maintain and effective in improving air quality.

4. Herbs plants – Herbs plant are increasingly used as gifting option, there are several type of herbs which symbolize different aspects of human emotions, such as rosemary, which is popular as gifting options. Herb are used for their culinary properties to give unique taste to food, those wonderful gifting option.

5. Flowering plants – If you are looking to gift flowers, you should choose full bloom flower plants instead of gifting cut flowers? Every season has its own flowering plants which are available in blooming contions, in winters you can get petunia, dainthus, dahlias, at summer, portulaca, vinca rosea etc.

One such place where you can get amazing gift plants is, we have beautiful gifting options to choose as per your budget and occasion. Look for gift plants here.

Gift a plant, gift a life to people you like!

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