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02 Jan

Cutting down of trees has caused an adverse effect on the global air quality. Trees are known to release water vapour in the air and in turn controlling the temperatures of the earth. When the number if trees decrease lesser water vapour is released into the air which causes an imbalance and global warming occurs.

Deforestation not only affects the air quality, but also increases the temperature in the world. Trees are very important for the well-being of human beings. Trees are known to take in all the harmful gases and carbon dioxide. When there is lesser number of trees the air quality deteriorates making human beings suffer.

Deforestation is a result of human actions and technological development. Because of the increasing technological development and population explosion more and more forests are cleared. People are not realizing the ill effects now, but the time is not far when we all will regret our actions. With the world growth occurring at such a massive pace, the need for more and more space is becoming difficult to cater to. One of the main reasons for deforestation is the ever increasing need for land by the people. Land is needed for industrial, agricultural and mostly urban development and so forests are cleared.

It is really surprising to notice but the forest covers around the globe has decreased to 30% and so this makes it very essential to take action now. The most shocking revelation is that around 18 million acres of land are lost in the world each year. If the pace continues then that day is not far when our existence in this planet will become a threat.

Reasons behind air pollution

Air pollution is caused mainly because of human actions such as deforestation, industrial development, vehicular emissions, mining, urbanization and many other reasons. Let us discuss some of these reasons in detail.

• Industry – Industries are a major contributor of poor air quality as the processes in the industries release pollutants such as the hydroflurocarbons, sulphur and nitrous oxides which deteriorate the air quality and cause global warming.

• Smoking – People who do not smoke also suffer because of passive smoking. Smoking also degrades the air quality around you.

• Forest Fires – Huge amount of intentional or unintentional forest fires release many hazardous gases in the atmosphere which cause air pollution.

• Natural Processes – Some of the natural processes such as Volcano eruption and tornadoes also cause air pollution. The natural rock and soil erosion also causes release of radon which is a toxin into the air.

• Vehicle Emissions – The smoke which releases from the vehicles also causes severe air pollution. The emissions from the vehicles are a major source of fossil fuel emissions too.

• Deforestation – This is one of the major and most dreadful action which causes air pollution. Deforestation has led to the deterioration of air quality and is the reason behind numerous issues that we are facing today such as water shortages, air pollution, global warming, loss of wildlife and many more.

Need to Protect Trees and Plants

Individually we may not be able to make a big change, but we can surely make a difference. We can at least try and contribute the air quality around us. Presently you may not feel that the air quality around you is extremely bad, but if the pollution and technological advancement continues at the same pace, we may suffer a lot in the future.

All the living things are highly dependent on trees. It would be impossible for our planet to survive without trees. This clearly implies the importance of trees. It is very essential for us to realize that we are threatening our existence by our own actions. Given are the needs to protect the trees:

1. Trees help in moderating the temperatures – Trees play a major role in balancing the climate by absorbing radiations and moderating the rains. If there are no trees in an area it can get heated very quickly, trees offer protection in many ways. They deflect the sunlight, hail and snow.

2. Trees improve the air that we breath – Trees absorb many harmful pollutants like sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Trees improve the air quality as they clean the air that we inhale. The air is cleaned as the trees absorb ash, pollen, dust and other particles. It is very crucial for us to inhale clean air so as to avoid any allergies and diseases.

3. We would be unable to breathe without trees – All the living beings on the planet need oxygen to breathe. Trees produce oxygen by a process called photosynthesis in which they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. If there will be no trees our survival will be in serious danger.

4. Trees prevent flooding and produce water – Trees also help to avoid flooding. Trees are also an important part of the water cycle. You will be amazed to know but 75% of the world’s water comes from the trees. This is done by a process which is known as evapotranspiration. Without this process the planet will be much drier.

5. Plants can improve the aesthetics of your home – If you keep small plants at your home, not only will the air become cleaner, but your house will also look good. Nothing looks better than a live plant with pretty flowers.

6. Plants can have great impact on your well-being – Keeping plants at your workplace or home can sooth your mind and give you peace. It can also help you to avoid many allergies and respiratory diseases.

Having a plant at your home or office is a win-win situation. If you are confused on which plants you should buy or if you are not getting the plants you want, you can serf here, we have the largest variety of plants at the most affordable prices. You can also get full detailed knowledge about any plant on our website. So, what are you waiting for? It is your time to make a difference.

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