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It is often said that planting trees and plants is very beneficial, not only for their medicinal and religious values, but plants help in many other aspects to us and environment. These are known to reduce the impact of air pollution, serve as natural air purifiers. People of India have their religious sentiments attached to the plants and they feel it necessary to grow and nourish such plants. Apart from of all these benefits and values of plants, there is also a sense of prosperity attached with few plants, some of the plants are known to keep the negative energies at bay and bring prosperity in their surroundings.

It is believed by many people that plants bring luck to your house. People also see the plants and trees from an astrological perspective and connect the zodiac signs with some plants and trees. Some plants are known to bring good luck. According to the scriptures, Vaastu and Feng Sui keeping those plants indoors or outdoors of our homes and offices can make you lucky and blessed.

It is interesting to know the plants which are considered lucky by people across the globe, and to understand more about such beliefs. If you too wish to bring some happiness and prosperity in your lives, such plants are a great option. Here we have listed some plants which attract money, friendship, love and good luck. All these plants are extremely easy to take care and who know you will get your share of good luck when you plant these?

Holy Basil- Tulsi is the one of the most revered plants which is native to Indian Subcontinent. It is known as Holy Basil in English and Tulasi in Sanskrit. Apart from tremendous mythological and religious significance it purifies air, kills bacteria’s, negates negative energies, creates positive energy, helps awaken passion in anyone who eats it.

Lucky Bamboo- This plant is very well known by the people and is considered to bring health, happiness, wealth and prosperity into the life and family of the grower. The luck is determined by the number of stalks in the plant, the more the number of stalks the more luck and fortune will be attracted to your house. The plant is both cost effective as well as easy to take care. When someone plants bamboo in their house, it is said that they are inviting the soul of the plant in their house which drives away the bad energies.

Morning glory- This is a plant with pretty purple flowers. These flowers are known to attract happiness and peace to your house. The seeds of the plant are known to drive away the nightmares and ensure restful sleep. You just need to keep the seeds under the pillow when you sleep. The people also used to make tea from the leaves of the plant as it is known to cure indigestion as well as headaches.

Money plant- This plant is known to increase your income as well as wealth. The money plant should be kept in the north-east or in the north direction to give maximum benefits. This plant is recommended under Feng Shui and is told to produce positive energy. The hoot of the plant must point upward at all times so as to bring wealth to the house.

Banana tree- The banana tree is considered very sacred in India. The tree is even worshipped on Thursdays and is considered to bring peace and health to the family. It should be planted in the North-east direction.

Peace lily- This is a beautiful flower plant, but has many qualities as well. These pretty flowers improve the air quality and help people prosper. The plant prevents cancer, chronic illness, asthma and many other diseases. Peace lilies are just the perfect choice for the workplaces as they eliminate stress and promote calm. These plants are also nice for bedrooms to promote restful sleep and give a sense of tranquillity.

Sacred Fig Bonsai- Peepal is known as tree of enlightenment, it has tremendous religious importance for Hindus and Budhists and revered as God. Apart from religious it has huge scientific edge, this plant releases Oxygen in abundant quantity day and night, having a Peepal Bonsai at the entrance of house will add to beauty and fortune as well.

Four Leaf Clover- Four leaf clover is a rare plant whose leaves miraculously have just four leaves. The plant is considered lucky all around the world. It was said in the earlier times that if a person finds a four leaf clover, something good was about to happen to him.

Rubber Plants- Rubber plant is considered auspicious and lucky when these are planted in the home’s wealth area. The round leaves of the plant signify abundance, good fortune and wealth.

Jade plant- As per the Feng Shui the plants with rounded leaves are meant to attract good luck and wealth and so Jade Plant is considered lucky. The jade plant is believed to bring in success and prosperity when the plant is placed near the home’s entrance. The plant is a perfect gift to the business owners.

If you too wish to bring in good fortune and improve your days, we are sure that you can plant few of these plants in your home or garden. These plants are easy to take care and have numerous other benefits other than the luck factor. These plants can not only improve the view of the house, but also give health value and promote your prosperity. You can find all these plants at one of the most renowned nursery of India, So, just log in and get the plants you need at your home.

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