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11 Jan

Epipremnum Aureum commonly known as Money Plant is very popularly grown plant. It has other local names like golden pathos, ivy arum, taro vine, Solomon Island ivy and devil’s vine. It is one of the most commonly found ornamental plant and a native plant of Mo’orea, French Polynesia. But, it is widely available in moderate regions like Singapore, Malaysia, Northern Australia, China, India and Pakistan too. The plant has shiny heart-shaped leaves in the different shades of green and has several beliefs associated with the plant. It is believed that the plant brings luck, happiness and prosperity. According to Feng shui, it is even considered to bring wealth.

Money Plant Technical Details

Scientific Name: Epipremnum Aureum
Common name(s): Golden pathos, ivy arum, taro vine, Solomon Island ivy, hunters robe, and devil’s vine
Family: Araceae
Origin: Mo’orea, French Polynesia
Height: In wild it can go over sixty feet, however at home it generally grows up to 10 feet.
Light: Needs less sunlight, grows well in shade
Soil: Free Draining Soil. It can even live in water only
Moisture: Slight moisture is preferable
Hardiness: 10 to 12
Temperature: Not over 40°C
Pests: Mealy bugs, scale insects and spider mites
Diseases: Excessive watering and fungal infection
Propagation: Through stem
Uses: It is an indoor plant used for aesthetic purpose and is believed to bring prosperity. There are various myths and beliefs associated with the plant. It also purifies air by absorbing some nitrates from the air.

Money Plant Care

Money plant actually needs very little care. This is also the reason for its popularity and its presence in many households. The plant grows well in soil but, it can also survive in water. People also plant the money plants in water bottles. The plant requires lesser amount of sunlight and water, so it must be kept in shade. You should not water the plant if the leaves turn yellow. The plant usually does not need fertilizers.
It is necessary to change the water frequently if you keep the plant in water. It is also essential to prune the yellow leaves and dead branches. To facilitate the plant to grow upward, a support should be offered, you can use a wooden warp with husk for the same purpose.

Money plant propagation method

Money plant can be grown in any season, whether in soil or in water. The plant can be propagated from stem. For this, a healthy stem with two or three nodes should be selected and then cut at an angle of 45 degrees above the node. This stem needs to be kept in water for around 1-1.5 weeks with one node inside the water.
The plant can be kept in the bottle or also transferred to a pot. You can even grow it in water, but it is necessary to change water when it becomes muddled. The growth of money plant is slower in water.

Common Problems with Money Plant

Money plant is an indoor plant and does not require much care. But, you may find below problems if this is your first money plant:
When the money plant is grown in soil, it needs lesser water. If there is excess or daily watering the leaves may turn brown and eventually shed. Water the plant only after the soil up to 2-inches is dry.
Money plant is basically an indoor plant, so keep it away from sunlight. The plant grows best in shade with little or no direct sunlight.
High amount of fertilizers can hamper the growth of the plant. So, avoid adding fertilizers.
Leaf spots disease can affect the growth of the plant, so use fungicide to prevent disease.

Tips for Healthy Money Plant

Given are few tips you should follow to take care of the money plant:
Remove the yellow or pale leaves often as such leaves will keep storing water and affect other leaves.
Timely pruning and trimming is must for fast and healthy growth.
Money plant needs less of water, sunlight and fertilizer. So, keep this in mind.
Keep an eye on any disease or bug that may attack. It is very rare but still early detection will help the plant survive.

Money plant is a very common plant in temperate regions, but there are many facts that people are not aware of. You must not be aware but, money plant has seeds. The fresh leaves and seeds of the plant are consumable and used in baking. Money plant also helps to overcome sleeping disorders and avoid arguments.

Money plant is a symbol of luck, prosperity and wealth. There goes a story when a man under heavy financial burden found this plant in his garden and then after his fate changed. He sold the plant and became rich. As the plant propagates from stem and grows under any circumstances he was able to plant more and more of it.
There are many toxics released from furnishings inside the house. These are well absorbed by the plant to make the air pure.

There are many varieties of money plants according to the region they grow in. But they all need little care and are thus one of the first plants that any new gardener loves to have. They can grow on walls or as vine creating a beautiful landscape or even stay fresh in a small bottle. Because of its flexibility and the soothing greenery they bring to the home they are highly sought for. Along with this, the belief that it would bring good fortune tempt people to plant it and even gift it to others. So, why wait, bring this little charm of peace, luck and money in your house and revamp that empty cozy corner of your home with the Money Plant.

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