Planning Balcony Garden - Balcony Garden Design Considerations
27 Sep

Planning Balcony Garden – Balcony Garden Design Considerations

Craft your little paradise by own hands!

Planning balcony garden is not a tough task as the space is limited, usually balconies are with good sun exposure where most type of plants can flourish, there are a few things which need to be defined, we can term them as balcony garden design considerations.

Balcony Garden is ideal for turning vacant balcony into green and beautiful scenery, not having a backyard should certainly can not stop from having the plants and garden of one’s choice. Balconies can be effectively utilized to turn them into great gardens with beautiful flowers and plants. Many plants can be grown in the balconies, as they have a good exposure to sun or bright light and a nice circulation of air around them.

Balconies are ideally suited for plants, for those who are living in multi-story buildings with no backyards, balcony is the ideal place to nurture their hobby of gardening. Ample space is present in the balcony to house the plants, with the help of planning and proper equipment anyone can efficiently utilize the area to place several favourite plants. In addition to adding charm to the house, a balcony garden provides healthy and purified environment for the people in the house.

Balcony Garden Importance

Balcony Garden can offer a lot of benefits to the owner, it has many points that signify its importance:

Balcony Gardens are great if you do not have a yard, as you can utilize your balcony and tend to your love for gardening.

Balcony Gardens improve overall air quality around the home, offering a greener and cleaner environment to live in.

By planting fruits and vegetables, you can get a regular supply of these for you and your family, depending upon the size of your balcony.

They are great for hosting some beautiful and splendid flowering plants within the house, that gives a great natural scent to the entire home.

By adding some furniture to Balcony Garden, it can be turned into a place to relax and read a book while having some tea as one likes.

Planning Balcony Garden

While planning balcony garden, below checklist may prove a great help, understanding what, and how will certainly prove efforts worthiness and balcony garden will last for a longer time.

How much money do you want to spend?
There could be a number of things, in fact there is a never ending list when you have not limited the budget your are going to spend for the balcony garden.

What type of climate balcony has?
Balconies usually have a different climate than the ground, those get warmer or cooler far sooner than the ground, along with the fact that not all the balconies have full sun exposure or bright light all day along. Plants selection will depend on the environmental conditions, point to remember is, these conditions are not going to limit but understanding these will help to choose right type of planters and plants.

How big is the balcony area?
There is a variety of options available based on the space, if space is bigger, its better to go with bigger planters which need less maintenance, if not vertical gardening planters can be utilized. Irrigation planning will be the key there, as plants in small planters need more frequent watering.

How much Sun does it get?
Type of plants will change based on the Sun exposure.

How much heat does it get?
Type of planters will change based on heat or cold.

How windy the location of balcony is?
Some plants flourish at the wind and others die, it’s all about choosing the plants that fit to the environment, its again important point to consider.

Do you want to grow vegetable?
It needs expert consultation, or a separate post to explain.

Balcony Garden Design Considerations

Starting a balcony garden can be tricky, balcony gardens are quite delicate and require proper care, a few points must be kept in mind while taking care of balcony garden:

To ensure that you buy plants that are compliant with the climate conditions of the area, do a thorough research on the type of plant and make sure they are compatible.

It is necessary to find out whether the plants you are buying are annuals or perennials,  you will have to consider how long you want your plants to survive.

Choosing the right type of the containers is important based on the environment of the balcony, the one which heats and gets cold early can harm the root system of plants.

As the varying heights give the people many possibilities of fondling with the balcony garden, we suggest planning the location of plants wisely.

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